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The Spa at Japaratinga Lounge Resort provides a unique wellness experience through several different rituals, one better than the other. With a very special atmosphere, just entering the Spa you already begin to experience a sense of relaxation through the aromas and sounds of the environment.


There are several body rituals for you to choose and enjoy. Relaxing massages, lymphatic drainage, post-sun hydration and even rituals with volcanic stones are just some of the options.

Relaxing massage

Lymphatic drainage

Volcanic Stones


Facial rituals are very good for the face and are super relaxing. Each technique provides a wave of well-being and a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Lifting 3D

Cranial Massage


The complete structure of the Spa also offers bathing rituals that are simply incredible.
The immersion and involvement of the body and mind in these rituals provide a relaxing experience worthy of the perfect vacation.

Wine therapy

Bath with salts and aromatherapy

Complete List of Rituals

Here you can check the complete list of rituals offered at the Japaratinga Lounge Resort Spa and the price list. All services are paid separately.

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