Japaratinga Lounge Resort

Complete structure beachfront

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Here at Japaratinga Lounge Resort, an authentic beach resort, you will find a complete structure facing the sea. With a top area of more than 87,000 m², it is the perfect resort for you to experience wonderful days and an unprecedented All Inclusive Premium experience. Located in one of the most beautiful and almost unexplored paradisiacal destinations in Alagoas: Japaratinga. Come feel this energy!

The resort has a leisure structure with two sports courts, games room, gym, sauna and more than 2,500 m² of swimming pools, including a heated pool. All this so you can enjoy a beach resort with all the tranquility you deserve.

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At Japaratinga Lounge Resort, you can enjoy your summer holidays with the wonderful variety and quality of the All Inclusive Premium. With mouth-watering cuisine, there are several points of consumption for you to enjoy 24 hours a day, every day of the week. And the best? In the middle of this wonderful destination that is Japaratinga!