Calm waters in a paradise of white sands

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Calm waters in a paradise of clear sands.

The unspoiled paradise of Japaratinga is snuggled between Maragogi and Porto de Pedras. With five sandy beaches and calm waters wrapped by a grove of palm trees, the old fishing village is the perfect getaway from the daily hustle and bustle.

The beaches stretch out for 15 km from the Alagoas coast, trailing through the heart of Costa dos Corais until reaching the Manguaba River, which draws the line between Japaratinga and Porto de Pedras.

The Japaratinga Beach, which is in front of the resort, is one of the most beautiful and delightful to enjoy. It has a calm sea, which at low tide recedes and gives way to several banks of sand and natural pools. Many coconut trees surround it and make the landscape even more beautiful.

Croa de São Bento lies just up ahead, near the coral reef – a one-of-a-kind rock formation surrounded by sea that has a sand bank bathed by crystal-clear waters. It can only be reached by boat.

And then there are other beaches around the Japaratinga villages: Bitingui, Barreiras do Boqueirão, Boqueirão and Pontal. They all have one thing in common: secluded beaches and calm waters, which reveal even more amazing secrets during the low tide.

Vista para o mar em Japaratinga
Coqueiros e um mar encantadoramente azul formam o cenário de Japaratinga

Worth checking out: Barreiras do Boqueirão

Barreiras do Boqueirão is one of the farthest beaches in Japaratinga and has an amazing feel. At low tide, the clear waters draw back to reveal natural pools among rock formations. It is the perfect mix of white beaches, huge reefs and Palm groves.

The beach has a good infrastructure for tourists, with bars and restaurants to enjoy local delicacies like crabs and lobsters.

Falésias na praia de Barreiras de Boqueirão
Uma área com barreiras incríveis e formações rochosas marca a paisagem de Barreiras do Boqueirão

Must-see: Natural Pools

Japaratinga’s natural pools are not as famous as the ones from Maragogi, but they’re every bit as amazing. Overflowing with fish, corals and other marine life, Japaratinga’s natural pools are known for the most transparent waters on the Alagoas coast.

Tours are available at low tide and visitors are taken by boat. Slap on a snorkel to explore the vast riches hidden underwater. The friendly sergeant-majors, a species of damselfish commonly found in natural pools, like to swim around the visitors.

Since the pools have different depths, even at low tide, visitors are advised to explore with caution. This is an unforgettable trip and a must-do for anyone who loves nature and really enjoys a dose of adventure.

Piscinas Naturais de Japaratinga
Águas cristalinas e muita beleza natural nas Piscinas Naturais de Japaratinga

What to do in Japaratinga:

After visiting the natural pools and beaches, back at the Japaratinga Lounge Resort you also have a long list of leisure amenities to choose from, including stand-up paddling, bicycle rental, and many more.

Where to stay in Japaratinga:

That’s a no-brainer, right? Japaratinga Lounge Resort has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation and a Premium All Inclusive system you won’t find anywhere else in Brazil.

Estrutura do Japaratinga Lounge Resort
Em meio à um paraíso praticamente inexplorado, o Japaratinga Lounge Resort é uma opção para quem busca conforto e lazer em ambiente de praia

How to get to Japaratinga:

From the Recife airport, head south on BR-101 until reaching the Cabo de Santo Agostinho beaches. Then follow PE-60 through the Porto de Galinhas, Serrambi, Tamandaré and Maragogi beaches. After reaching Maragogi, head north on AL-101 for 10 more kilometers and you’ll reach the Japaratinga beach.

From Maceió, head north on AL-101 all the way and follow the signs. You’ll drive by the São Miguel dos Milagres beach and other beaches along Rota Ecológica (Eco Route).