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A beach combo and tranquility for those who like a rest.

Where to stay in Patacho beach:

Patacho beach is very close to Japaratinga Lounge Resort – just a 30-minute ferry ride away. You can take the tour to Patacho beach directly from the resort, discovering this untouched paradise with all of the comfort and convenience of an All Inclusive Resort.

What to do in Patacho beach: Visit to the natural pools

Although they are smaller than the ones in Japaratinga or Maragogi, the natural pools in Patacho beach are also beautiful and very easy to reach. You can even get to some of them on foot during low tide. You can also charter a relaxing raft ride through the best pools in the region.

How to get to Patacho beach:

From Recife, take PE-060 to Maragogi, bordering the state of Pernambuco. Then head north on AL-101 until Japaratinga and take the Manguaba River ferry. Once in Porto de Pedras, just follow the signs leading to Patacho.

From the Maceió airport, take highway AL-101 to Barra de Santo Antônio. Continue to São Luiz do Quitunde and make a right after the entrance to Flexeiras, at the Santo Antônio power plant. Follow the signs from there to Passo do Camaragibe. Cross the bridge and continue to Barra de Camaragibe. After passing through Barra de Camaragibe, it’s just another 10 km with a breathtaking seaside view all the way, enough to make any trip that much better. Patacho is 105 km away from the Maceió airport.