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Turquoise paradise of calm and warm waters.

Located right after Patacho, São Miguel dos Milagres is also part of the Eco Route – initiative to preserve this natural environment.

The central beach of São Miguel dos Milagres is a cove surrounded by a far-reaching Palm grove. With warm and sparking green waters, the shoreline is adorned with fish corrals and features one of the most beautiful natural pools in the region.

As the beach that put Porto de Pedras on the map, São Miguel is bustling with bars, restaurants and entertainment options with complete infrastructure for tourists. It’s the perfect spot to have fun all day long, without ever having to worry about whether you’ll find a restroom or a place to grab a bite.

What to do in São Miguel dos Milagres:

After exploring the beaches, take advantage of low tide to check out the nearby natural pools. The amazing sight of the one in Toque beach is very famous, right outside São Miguel.

Worth checking out: Marceneiro

Located in the town of Passo de Camaragibe, Marceneiro beach is very close to São Miguel dos Milagres and has the perfect beachfront for long afternoon walks beside the breathtaking turquoise ocean.

With no restaurants or bars around, you feel like you have the place all to yourself. It’s the perfect beach for those looking for some peace and quiet. The place is easy to reach and the roads are all paved.

At low tide, the beach gives way to amazing natural pools and water courses, just waiting for you to dive in all day long. It’s definitely worth dipping your toes. ;)

Tip: bring snacks and beach gear, since there’s no place to rent chairs or sunshades around.

How to get to São Miguel dos Milagres:

From Recife, take PE-060 to Maragogi, bordering the state of Pernambuco. Then head north on AL-101 until Japaratinga and take the Manguaba River ferry. Once in Porto de Pedras, just follow the signs leading to São Miguel dos Milagres.

From the Maceió airport, take highway AL-101 to Barra de Santo Antônio. Continue to São Luiz do Quitunde and make a right after the entrance to Flexeiras, at the Santo Antônio power plant. Follow the signs from there to Passo do Camaragibe. Cross the bridge and continue to Barra de Camaragibe. After passing through Barra de Camaragibe, it’s just another 10 km with a breathtaking seaside view all the way, enough to make any trip that much better. São Miguel dos Milagres is 100 km away from the Maceió airport.